12inch A-shaped hinge

  • Material: Stainless steel 304
  • Color: Matte stainless steel
  • Load capacity: 60-70kg
  • Size: 18223.0mm
  • Type of door: Used for HMA, PMI, MAXCAL, TOPAL …
  • Unit of measure: Pair Warranty: 12 months

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12inch A-shaped hinge Bogo: An indispensable product for your home

Are you looking for a high-quality A-shaped hinge, durable and beautiful for your aluminum door? Do you want to own a product with a reputable brand, reasonable price and good after-sales service? If so, you cannot ignore the product 12-inch A-shaped hinge Bogo – one of the outstanding products of Bogo Accessories.

The 12inch A-shaped hinge Bogo is a type of hinge designed specifically for aluminum doors that open or swing open with a maximum opening angle of 90 degrees. The product is made of high-grade stainless steel 304, with good rust resistance, withstand harsh weather and high durability. The 12-inch A-shaped hinge Bogo has a size of 300mm x 25mm x 3mm, suitable for aluminum doors with a weight from 23kg to 41kg.

The 12-inch A-shaped hinge Bogo has many outstanding advantages compared to other common types of hinges, such as:

  • Increase friction to help the door resist impact when there is wind.
  • Have screws to adjust the friction according to the user’s requirements.
  • Simple but sophisticated design, creating elegance and modernity for aluminum doors.
  • Easy to install and remove when needed for maintenance or replacement.
  • Have many colors to choose from, suitable for any design style
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