Phu Hoan Anh Group would like to send our valued customers greetings and sincerely thank you for your trust and support during the past time. Phu Hoan Anh, is a multi-industry corporation, operating in the field of manufacturing and trading aluminum interior products, BOGO accessories, smart kitchen cabinet accessories, arch bending, aluminum door production machines. high-class furniture and especially solutions for the glass and aluminum door industry…
With the goal of leading the Vietnamese market in the field of manufacturing and installing high-class aluminum and glass products, Phu Hoan Anh is committed to bringing customers high-quality and high-class products.
At Phu Hoan Anh, I always cherish the fundamental value for development, which is the opportunity to cooperate with customers…
To achieve that goal, Phu Hoan Anh has been constantly improving the quality of products and services, investing heavily in technology, creating the best conditions for its dynamic and experienced staff. To serve our customers the best we can.

Products of Phu Hoan Anh

Phu Hoan Anh’s products are not only manufactured with modern technology, but also designed by experienced and creative professionals, ensuring aesthetics and convenience. We also pay special attention to environmental protection and use environmentally friendly materials in the production process. Phu Hoan Anh also always listens and responds quickly to customer requests and feedback to improve product quality and service better and better.

If you are looking for high-quality interior aluminum products and solutions for the aluminum and glass industry, come to Phu Hoan Anh to experience the best service. We will be your reliable partner in all your projects.

Professional consulting and support services

In addition, to meet the needs of customers, Phu Hoan Anh also provides professional support and consulting services to help customers choose the most suitable products and solutions for their projects. Phu Hoan Anh’s technicians and sales staff are all highly trained in the company’s products and services to be able to advise and support customers in the best way.

Besides, Phu Hoan Anh also regularly participates in industry exhibitions and fairs to introduce its products to many potential customers. We always look forward to meeting and collaborating with new partners and customers to jointly develop and bring our products to more consumers.

With the goal of becoming a leading multi-industry corporation in Vietnam, Phu Hoan Anh will continue to invest in technology and improve product quality, strengthen a professional and dynamic staff, expand market and strengthen relationships with customers.

We believe that, with unremitting efforts and commitment to bring the highest quality products and services to customers, Phu Hoan Anh will grow more and more and become a reliable partner of many customers. , contributing to the development of the aluminum furniture manufacturing and trading industry, BOGO accessories, smart kitchen cabinet accessories, arch bending, high-grade interior aluminum door manufacturing machines and solutions for aluminum and glass door industry in Vietnam.


Phu Hoan Anh’s vision is to become one of the leading units in the field of design, manufacture and installation of high-grade aluminum products in Vietnam, with the best product quality and customer service. .

To achieve, Phu Hoan Anh has set a goal of sustainable development, focusing on investment in research and development of production technology to produce high quality and diversified products to meet the needs of customers. of cutomer. At the same time, focus on human resource training, create good working conditions and environment to attract and retain qualified and experienced employees to ensure the sustainable success of the company.


Phu Hoan Anh’s mission is to bring customers high quality products, beautifully designed and convenient for daily life. We are committed to providing the most advanced and optimal solutions to solve the complex problems of our customers.

We are always mindful of corporate social responsibility, focusing on environmental protection and minimizing negative impacts on the community.

Core values

Phu Hoan Anh is an enterprise operating in the field of manufacturing and supplying aluminum doors, smart kitchen cabinets, kitchen accessories and building materials. To build and develop the brand, Phu Hoan Anh always puts core values ​​on the top.

Product Quality – Creativity – Customer Service – Social Responsibility

These core values ​​have helped Phu Hoan Anh build customer trust and affirm its position in the market.

In the glass and aluminum door industry, Phu Hoan Anh has established long-term partnerships with contractors, architects, distributors, agents and other organizations in the industry. Phu Hoan Anh’s customers also come from many industries such as construction, furniture, offices, schools, hospitals, retail stores, hotels, restaurants and many others.

Phu Hoan Anh always puts the interests of customers first and is committed to providing the best quality products and services to meet the needs and requirements of customers. At the same time, Phu Hoan Anh also creates long-term partnerships with its partners, including suppliers, contractors, agents and other organizations in the industry. This helps Phu Hoan Anh get the best supply of raw materials and equipment, ensuring products of the highest quality and meeting the needs of customers.

With the criterion of “Cooperation for mutual development”, Phu Hoan Anh appreciates long-term partnerships and customers, and is always ready to cooperate to develop together. Simultaneously, Phu Hoan Anh also constantly improves and enhances the quality of its products and services to meet the needs of customers and partners in the coming time.

PHA Prestigious Distribution Partner For Many Big Brands

Phu Hoan Anh’s staff includes not only highly qualified technicians, but also sales and customer care staff. Phu Hoan Anh’s technical staff are intensively trained in aluminum production techniques and technologies, ensuring that products meet quality and safety standards. In addition, they are also capable of constructing and installing the company’s aluminum products in a professional and sophisticated manner.

Phu Hoan Anh’s sales and customer service staff are also an important part of the human resources team. With the mission of making the company’s reputation and brand, they are always dedicated and enthusiastic in consulting, answering questions and supporting customers before and after purchasing products. They not only have good communication skills, but also have a deep understanding of aluminum products and solutions in the aluminum and glass industry.

Along with that, Phu Hoan Anh always focuses on training and developing its staff. In order to meet the increasing requirements and quality standards of customers, the company invests heavily in training, improving professional qualifications and soft skills for its staff. This makes it possible for Phu Hoan Anh to provide customers with the best products and services, and also create conditions for development and advancement for each individual in the company’s personnel.

With a staff of high quality and dedicated to their work, Phu Hoan Anh has achieved many achievements and reputation in the field of manufacturing and trading aluminum products. This means that, when choosing Phu Hoan Anh, customers will enjoy the best service, meeting all their needs.

Phu Hoan Anh also attaches great importance to creating a friendly, dynamic and creative working environment. This helps employees feel comfortable and motivated to work better, and creates a positive and united atmosphere in the company.


Aluminum purity test certificate is one of the important factors to evaluate the quality and durability of aluminum products. With the achievement of Quatest 3 standard and crystalline aluminum content > 98%, Phu Hoan Anh has demonstrated its commitment to customers about the quality of its products.

Quatest 3 is an independent testing organization specializing in product quality testing. Quatest 3 standard for fine aluminum content is applied to evaluate the quality of aluminum used in the production of products requiring high accuracy such as ships, aircraft, automobiles, household appliances and aluminum products. other. The higher the refined aluminum content, the better the durability and performance of the aluminum product.

Phu Hoan Anh’s achievement of the aluminum test certificate of Quatest 3 standard and crystalline aluminum content > 98% is the result of rigorous production and quality testing, ensuring customers with high quality aluminum products. High standard with best durability and functionality. This means that customers of Phu Hoan Anh will have absolute confidence in the quality of the group’s products and services.